A Peaceful Sunday Morning – Breakfast

Hello sunshine! How has your Sunday been? Mine has been good and slow ~ which is exactly how I like it. It started off with a delicious cup of coffee in bed followed by a really good breakfast, a bit of pottering about in my greenhouse, baking, and then a simple fish dinner with my family.

I’m not an early morning breakfast kind of person, so Sundays are a perfect day to whip up something really good for myself and my family. Mr. A brings me a cup of coffee and I roll out of bed to make breakfast once the caffeine’s kicked in.

So, today’s breakfast included some pancakes with berries and bacon for the kids. And Swedish crisp bread or “knäckebröd” with different toppings for myself and the hubster.

The pancakes were really fluffy thanks to a mixing or preparation method that I’m currently trying out.

My next mission in the world of pancakes is to try out soufflé pancakes. They are all the hype nowadays or maybe they’ve always been the hype and I’m just late to the party as always.

I ordered a few gardening supplies from an online store last week. Some of the goods arrived and now I’m just waiting for the final (-ish) delivery to arrive on Tuesday.

Well, that’s it for today. I’ll go ahead make myself a cup of chamomile tea and cosy up in bed. It’s back to work tomorrow (WFH).

Have a lovely evening and stay safe!

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