My Home and Style

I’ve never really been one to follow home décor trends. Don’t get me wrong; I love modern décor, which is why I tend to incorporate new and trendy details in our home.

Home and Style

But I won’t for example, invest in stylish new home décor items every year to catch up or stay with the trends. I love pieces that tell a story. I take pleasure in using furniture pieces with a story and heritage behind them.

Finding Your Home Style

This display cabinet for example, was given to us by an old couple we had bought a house from in 2016 (not Yellow House). The husband had built it for his wife; however, they couldn’t take it with them to their new home as they were down-sizing.  I gladly accepted this amazing gift and was very humbled that they thought we were the perfect people to gift it to.

It was a plain oak cabinet when we got it. So, to make it fit our décor and to make it mine, I decided to give it a coat or two of glossy black paint. I’m in love with this display cabinet and plan to keep it in our family for many years to come.

At Home with Helen

This painting by Stig Egon Nordlinder, adds that rich looking heritage – and at the same time modern feel to our living space. I think unique pieces like this make a home feel personalized and more elegant.

Vintage Suitcases and Vintage Decor Ideas

I’ll be the first one to admit that decorating is also a very personal process. These two beautiful suitcases belonged to my late mother-in-law. She used to work on a cruise ship in her younger days, and it was while working on a cruise ship that she met her husband and my father-in-law.  

My Home and Style Modern Guilty Pleasures

I love using modern pieces – adore the mix of old and new. So, if you ever pay us a visit, you’ll see some trendy looking décor items.  

I love adding white to my space too as it creates this sense of cleanliness and airiness which I love. And because of all the darker (dark wooden floors and midnight blue walls) and richer colors that I use, our space still looks like a warm inviting home.

Home and Style. Grey and White Dining Room Inspo

I purchased these curtains from Ikea a while back (before the renovation work), hang them up only to take them down again because they didn’t give me the results I was looking for at the time. A year later (after the renovations), I brought them out again and this time, they fit like a glove.

I think black adds richness and depth to a room. It’s also a ‘modern’ color and will always be stylish and trendy. We’ve had this dining table for roughly 12 years now. I recently painted it black and bought these modern looking dining chairs to replace the old ones.

And that’s it for now. I hope you enjoyed reading about my home and style. If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to leave a comment in the comments section below.

Have a beautiful day dear friend!  Helen

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